Three Red Flags That Indicate a House May Have Major Defects

A knowledgeable real estate agent and a thorough home inspection can protect buyers from purchasing a home with major defects.

It still helps, though, to know what to look for when it comes to the less obvious telltale signs of a problem.

Here are four red flags buyers might not know about homes but should:

Dysfunctional  Doors

It’s easy to see cracks in a foundation or evidence of moisture in a basement or crawl space, but doors that don’t close properly can be an indicator of less obvious problems with a foundation.

A shifting house or excessive moisture can cause doors to function improperly. One door that doesn’t close all the way could just be off— maybe not properly installed—but multiple doors with closing or even opening problems could be a sign of something more insidious.

Poor Water Pressure

When touring a house for sale, home buyers may want to open up some faucets. A cheap shower- head can lead to a shower that trickles rather than showers, but if multiple faucets seem to have poor water pressure, it could mean a plumbing problem exists. A home inspection can uncover this too, but it’s an easy check for home buyers to do themselves when walking through a home that’s for sale.

Irregular Ceilings

If there are water stains on a ceiling, it means there is or has been a leak. It would be rare, however, for a home to be put on the market without the seller having been advised to fix the water stains. That means buyers should also be on the lookout for other irregularities on ceilings. Are they painted in some rooms but not others? Are there parts of the ceiling that don’t quite match the rest? If it appears as though there’s been work done to a ceiling, a home buyer should ask about leaks.