Marketing Your Home To Sell

Marketing your home is is easier if you target the type of real estate market that exists the day you put your home up for sale. When real estate markets transition from seller’s to buyer’s markets, agents tend to put a lot more money and work into selling listings. However, I believe that employing strong marketing techniques is just smart business, regardless.

In seller’s markets, good marketing can bring higher prices and, in buyer’s markets, it could mean the difference between sold or expired. Good marketing might not sellyour house, but it will make the phone ring. Because if buyers don’t call, you won’t sell.

An unfortunate aspect of the real estate business is some listing agents wrongly believe that they should only spend money on advertising luxury homes. They don’t really believe the smaller transactions are worth an additional expense. Don’t hire an agent who thinks this way.

Photograph the front

Most home buyers begin a home search online, so good photos are essential. Listings without a photo or with only an exterior shot are often passed over and ignored. Buyers are visual. Follow these tips and your house photo will look ten times better than the competition’s:

  • Crop out sidewalks and streets.
  • Remove vehicles from driveway / front of home.
  • Shoot up-close & angled photos. DSC_0763
  • Avoid shade on the house (check the time of day).
  • Clear away vegetation blocking front door or path to door.

Exterior photographs … matter

If you own a condo or townhome without a yard, then take pictures of the clubhouse, pool, spa or tennis courts. If you have a yard, however, buyers will want to see it.

  • Emphasize space and shoot long.
  • Mow the lawn & trim bushes.
  • Remove evidence of pets.
  • Put away children’s toys.
  • Avoid shooting into the sun.

Interior photos tell a story

Take photographs of every room. Even if you suspect the room won’t photograph well, shoot it anyway because the photo quality just might astonish you and be usable.

  • Open drapes and blinds.
  • Turn on lights.
  • Focus on interesting details like the condition of a wood floor or a fireplace mantle.
  • Remove trash cans & close toilet lids in bathrooms.
  • Use floral arrangements in kitchens and dining rooms.
  • Avoid shooting into mirrors because your image will reflect.


Signage encourages home shoppers to immediately call you or your agent. It’s free advertising! A well designed For Sale sign will generate phone calls.  If your home is a corner lot, put up two signs.

Some homeowner associations prohibit real estate signs.   for-sale-sign

Some HOAs allow only window signs.

Try talking to a neighbor whose home is located at the corner of a busy street, asking for permission to put a sign in that yard with an arrow pointing toward yours.

Agent signs should include the phone number of the closest office (if the brokerage operates multiple offices) and the agent’s cell or voice mail number.

Open house

Not every home is suitable for an open house due to location or other factors, and sometimes the only way to determine that is to try it. If nobody comes, that’s probably a good indication. However, if your home is located near a high traffic area where buyers often swarm, then it’s a good candidate.