Roof Check Up

Clues in the Attic: Fall Roof Checkups Made Easy

“Roofs actually create an insulated barrier that helps trap heat inside, and most attic spaces are located right below them,” says Jason Joplin, program manager of the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, “That makes them perfect for spotting potential problem areas and damage without worrying about falling off a ladder.”

Here’s What to Look for While up in the Attic:

Water Leaks: After a rainstorm, shine a flashlight into the attic to check not only for dripping water and condensation but also for water stains on the ceiling, walls, and floors. All signal that H2O is finding its way beneath your roof’s shingles or behind its flashings.

Ventilation: “Think of the attic as the lungs of the house,” advises Joplin. “It has to be able to breathe in order to function properly.” Which is to say, vents stuffed with debris need to be cleared.Roof 2

Animal Damage: Call a pest-control pro if you spot any of these telltale signs: nests, droppings, and gnawed wood, wires, or insulations.

If you need a name or number of a Roofer to help you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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